Term Dates



Autumn Term (14 weeks)

Spring Term (12 weeks)

Summer Term (12 weeks)



Mon 4th Sept – Fri 20th Oct

Tuesday 31st Oct – Fri 15th Dec

Staff Training Day Monday 30th October

Tuesday 3rd Jan -   Fri Feb 8th

Staff Training Day Friday 9th February

Feb 19th –Thursday 29h March

April 16th-  Fri May 25th

Mon Jun 4th – Fri July 13th

Staff Training Day Monday 4th June

Planned special events & activities

Wed 11th Oct 9.30 Harvest Festival (Lisa)





Diwali 7th Nov

St. Andrews Day 30th Nov

Open Session Day (Ann) – Mon 20th Nov.

Panto (Karen)

Thursday 7th Dec 10.00 Performance

Nativity/Christmas party 15th Dec. 10.45 start

Staff training day Monday 30th Oct

Sensory Day - Monday 22nd January 2017


(Physical Trip - Claire) – eg. Trip to Soft Play Area/Jump Giants Friday 2nd February




Staff training day Friday 9th February

World Book Day – Thurs 1st March (Emma)


Open Session Day – Wed 7th March (Ann)


Mother’s Day 11th March



St. Georges Day 23rd April


May Day Trip Tues 1st May- Leigh Library Gardens (Rajal)


Open Session Day: Friday 19th April (Ann)


Male Role Model Day:

Tuesday 22nd May

Father’s Day 17th June  

Annual trip to Marsh Farm

Sports Day Thurs 14th June


Paddling Pool Day Tues 10th July

End of term party Friday 13th July

Staff training day Monday 4th June



Bag to School 8th Nov.

Photographer - Mon 20th November 2017


Curry Night

Bunny Bounce


Bag to School




A unique child


Positive relationships


Enabling environments


Learning and development


Personal, social and emotional development:Making relationships, Self-confidence and self- awareness, Managing feelings and behaviour

Physical development:Moving and handling, Health and self-care

Communication and language:Listening and attention, Understanding, Speaking


Literacy:Reading, Writing

Mathematics:Numbers, Shape, space and measure

Understanding the World: People and communities, The world, Technology

Expressive Arts and Design:Exploring and using media, and materials, Being imaginative


Continual observation

Observation, Assessment, Planning