Facebook Comments:

11.1.17 Pets at home visit

"Child wasn't there but told me 3 baby pigs came in, I'm guessing that's the guinea pigs... " - 

"That's funny Parent. The children had so much fun re-enacting the visit this afternoon, the role play was so well used without an adult involved." 

"Child loved the visit from Pets at home, it was the first thing she said to me when I walked in from work. She liked the guinea pigs the best and stroked a dragon, not a real one though! Thanks for arranging such a lovely treat for them." - 

"Child said that the 'dragon was stiff' then said that when they are sad or angry their chin turns black! I never knew that...the things you learn! Thanks for arranging. Both girls loved it! X" - 

Learning Journeys

"Just read child's learning journey, I love it when it comes home and I get to read her conversation and see into her LA world. They will be treasured when they come home for good. Thanks Rebekah and anyone else who has input into it. X"  – 6th February 2017 

Pantomime - Jack and the Beanstalk at the Towngate Theatre 2015

“Thank you lovely Little Acorns for another great panto! So sad it will be my last but what a wonderful experience to share with my girls, I'll remember it forever!

“Brilliant panto! I think Child thought it was a disco!”

“Panto was awesome again this year. Thank you!”

Megaplay 2017 Trip – 3rd February 2017

"Thank u so much for today Anna, Child had such a fun time and I am so so pleased that you got her on the big slide with you, thank u so much for your commitment and perseverance not just with that but with everything you do for Little Acorns. We really appreciate you and that rest of the gang!" – 

"Thank you for organising the Mega play visit. Was lovely to see child running around getting all hot and bothered with his friends. Also, big congrats for the award, it's really well deserved xxx" – 

"Thank you lovely lot for a fab time today at Mega play, mum told me all about it and child loved it! Massive congrats for lots of long term effort into earning your award, truly deserved! Xx" – 

"A bit late to post but the girls had a fab time at Mega Play on Friday so much so they went back today for more! Thank you again for organising x" – 

World Book Day 2nd March 2017

"Thank you Little Acorns for letting me share World Book Day with you yesterday. Loved reading to the children and was great to see them choosing a book with their tokens" - 

"We read child's book to her twice before bed, she was so proud she chose it herself" - 

"Thank you Jo for making world book day so special. My two enjoyed their books this afternoon. Xx" - 

6th March 2017 – PAT dog visit

We all really enjoyed meeting Bruce the Spangle (Springer Spaniel/Poodle Cross) Pet's As Therapy (PAT) dog this morning. He was so well behaved and his owner Julie thought we all were too!

So brilliant to see this, well done Child and thank you Little Acorns for this opportunity x

How lovely! Thanks Anna, I bet Child loved this, she loves dogs xx

Tottenham Hotspur Football Coach (Child's Granddad) coming in to do a football coaching session with all the children.

"Hope everyone who joined in today's football session had a great time! (Hopefully they'll all sleep well tonight) My dad said everyone was so well behaved and to thank all the little acorns staff for having him!

"Thank you all...very tired little legs here, what a great opportunity for them all. Xx m"

"Child had a great time. Thank you so much."

Drama Workshop 1st April 2015

What a lovely event this morning. Thanks to Ann (Treasurer) for arranging this and Thanks to Anna (Staff Member) for sparing your time to help organise this morning!

Thank you, it was really nice and the event was perfectly tailored for an age range which the lady obviously knew well. Lots of these events tend to expect so much of our 3-4 year olds, but this was really well done. Child enjoyed it.

Yes thanks Anna and Ann for arranging all. Child loved it and it was the perfect number of children for it. A nice group. Def do it again for those that missed this one. Thanks xx

Great morning, the Gruffalo's Child story will never be the same again in this house. ..

Harvest Festival - 6th October 2015

"Congratulations Claire & Lisa on a great Harvest Service...& a special mention to the brilliant little red hen & all the wonderful animals"

"It was brilliant! They were all too cute. Well done to everyone for their hard work! Xxx"

"Thank you for our last ever Little Acorns Harvest festival" 

"Thanks to the mums that have shared the photos from the Harvest Festival yesterday. I wasn't able to take any, so really appreciate these. Thanks also to LA staff for organising such a lovely event. I thought the animal hats were gorgeous. Child sat with his hat on after his bath last night until bed time xxx"

"Thanks for a lovely Harvest festival."

Even Father Ian Posted this comment on the St. Margaret’s Church own Facebook page

"Congratulations to Little Acorns on their Harvest Festival at St Margaret’s Church today. The singing and production of Little Red Hen was so good and cheered everyone up. Thank you to everyone involved. Fr Ian"

A very rainy Belfairs Woods Trip Facebook Comments - 6th November 2015

"Lovely morning in the woods with Little Acorns Pre School, Such a fantastic pre school!! Thanks to all the staff for this morning’s muddy and wet adventure!!"

"Thanks for organising Anna and team."

"Thank you for a Wonderful, Wet Woodland walk, now time for tea

"Great morning, don't think the kids even realised it was raining. Thank you all."

"Lovely morning in the woods, thanks everyone. X"

"Yes what a super morning."

30th March 2017

Mothers and Grandma's Role Model Day - When Mums and Grandparents can come in a spend a whole session with their children 

“Sharing the afternoon with child. The activities are very imaginative and the children played well together”

“The cupcake baking”

“Being given the opportunity to spend time with little one. I loved watching how happily and proudly she showed me around and told me all her favourite things. She loved making cress, fishing and climbing the wall. Lovely to see confidence”

“Being invited in to see how the children interact. All lovely facilities, and the very caring teachers who look after the children. Obviously, the children’s safety is a prime concern for them all which is good to see. Thank-you all”

“Children had free play. Lots of things to do. Enjoyed outside play”

“I really liked seeing my grandson child so happy with his environment. He loves his time here”

“Being part of child’s day at pre-school. Seeing what she enjoyed playing with and observing her interaction with peers and staff. It was brilliant! The cake was yummy too!”

“Experiencing the setting whilst Jasmine was there. I enjoyed interacting with the other children plus meeting other grandparents and parents. To see all the children enjoying the garden and seeing them confidently using the climbing wall and balancing was great. I loved being part of bumblebee group time and seeing the children’s faces when they learnt more about grown-ups e.g. names/jobs”

“Sitting at the lunch table with child and the other children, I couldn’t believe how much they have in their lunch boxes. No wonder children always say they are hungry”. The activities, cooking rock cakes, very tasty, art tiles”

Other Comments they made on their evaluations:

“Thank-you for having me – I enjoyed my afternoon. Child loves coming here”

“A thoroughly enjoyable morning”

“Very pleased with morning at Little Acorns. Thank-you”


“Lovely staff who genuinely seem very happy and are brilliant with the children. I like the fact that they respond to the children e.g. child wanted to make a play dough hat and Claire did it with her! Thank-you all of you – I think it’s an amazing pre-school”.

Trip on the train from Leigh Station to Chalkwell Beach - 27th May 2016

“Thanks for a really lovely beach trip Lisa and all the marvellous Little Acorns ladies. Hope you enjoy half term x”

“Thanks for a lovely morning at the beach, Child and I had a great time. X”

“Loved the beach trip. Think Child's tantrum about going home proves she loved it too!”

“We all had a lovely time today. Thank you for organising such a great trip. X”

“Dad said he had a lovely time with Child and Sister today and they were full of beans afterwards. Thank you Little Acorns x”

“We all had a lovely time today. Thank you for organising such a great trip. X”

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for arranging Friday's beach trip.  I can't tell you how excited Child was and how much she enjoyed it. It was a really great morning and so lovely to see how all the children play together. I was so glad I could make it.

Yearly Paddling Pool Day Comments

"Last preschool session together for child and child.  And what a day to go out on... They loved "beach" day! Thanks ladies... A well-earned break is coming you way very soon!"

"Child thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the lolly! Thank you for coming up with such a fantastic idea xx"

Male Role Model Day - 16th May 2017

- The concept of allowing me to understand what goes on overall

- The clear link to future education/school issues

- The way the children played with each other and understood the routines and rules. The variety of activities and challenges

- Seeing child play with his friends. Sharing child’s toys at school. It was good to see the school, toys and friends that he talks about at home.

- Spending time with child and her friends

- The Frog. Honestly I can’t think of anything I didn’t like, so everything. Children having fun, in an extremely supportive encouraging environment.

- The opportunity to see child and his friends in the Little Acorns environment. The outside area is great for the children. I particularly liked that the children can explore things like water, bark, mud, ants, snails etc without the supervision being overly precious or worried about mess etc. Storytime and singing prepares them well for school and listening. I also liked the group time.

- Being able to interact with the kids. Playing with the lego. Talking to the kids about my job

Parents Comments about what they particularly liked about Little Acorns in our 2017 Satisfaction Survey:

-       I like the emphasis on child led learning, outdoor play and emotionally supportive environment.

-       The caring staff.

-       The variety of learning, the outdoor space, opportunity for forest school and the communication with parents.

-       I love all the passion that the staff have for work. Little Acorns excel in all they do. The interaction with parents is very good. Parents are always kept informed of every detail.

-       Target setting so closely linked to the individual.  Staff lovely and really know their children.

-       Structured learning through a variety and diversity of play experiences for children.  Very helpful feedback and regular review meetings with key person.

-       The time and attention paid to ‘child’ by the staff.  Lovely themes, days out to the theatre and Barleylands, unique Forest School experience.

-       Everything!  Particularly impressed with the weekly correspondences from Anna and all the team put in. Forest School was great fun.  The staff are very friendly and welcoming.

-       The community feel it has.  Plus, the staff go above and beyond to make Little Acorns the success it is!

-       It’s my third year and Little Acorns is wonderful.  Everything is just perfect.

-       The fact that the children are happy, ‘staff member’ is amazing and all the fantastic trips over the year. Parties, Forest School, outdoor environment.

-       Everything! Especially the teachers who create such a safe, fun and loving environment for the children.  Not forgetting the outdoor space. Amazing!

-       Variety each week, garden is amazing, Forest School, dedication of staff.

-       Loved Forest School and the garden facilities.  How caring the staff are.

-       The focus on individuality, strength and areas for improvement for each child.  Staff members got to know ‘child’ really quickly and recognised her likes and dislikes.

-       The garden. ‘Child’ talks about the garden and ‘staff member’ and ‘staff member’ all the time!

Parents Views of the introduction to the new online Tapestry Learning Journal System

This is amazing!! So beautiful to see the pics and read all the detailed info on Child! Clearly a lot of time & energy has gone into this, so thank you so much!! 

I've logged in fine too, very impressed with all the photos and how much detail you've gone into with each activity. Great insight into their time at LA. Thank you x

 It's brilliant. Loved seeing what Child has been up too. And really nice we can add feed back and posts too. 

Logged in fine, and great to see what Child has been up to and having such a great time. Thank you little acorns