The Committee

 A group of parents  who have children at the Pre-school run Little Acorns. This group is known as the Committee. Little Acorns is the only committee run pre-school in this area. The advantage of having a committee run pre-school, is that it enables parents to have a direct say in the running of the Pre-school and therefore become involved in all aspects of its operation. The Committee comprises of the main voluntary roles:- Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Co-ordinator and Fund Raiser. Detailed information regarding the responsibilities of the aforementioned roles are available upon request. Parents can also participate without taking on one of these roles.

The current committee members are:-

Chairperson - Jess Ellis

Secretary - Zoe Dean

Treasurer - Michelle Rice

Plus our general members 

Committee members are elected on a yearly basis and some roles change every year. The Committee are responsible for Little Acorns Pre-school and its staff. Without a committee we cannot open! So please consider joining, it's also a chance to meet new people.

Parental Involvement

Children thrive on consistency and we like to work together with parents to provide this both at home and at Pre-school. With regular contact and awareness of your child's development, we can work together to enable your child to reach their potential. Therefore, various fund raising events will be organised throughout the school year for the children, parents and staff. Monies raised will be used for new equipment for the benefit of all our children.