Short Term Plan Sept - Oct 2017



Personal Social and Emotional






Understanding the World

Expressive Arts


4th Sept


Talking about the Little Acorns Routine


Gaining a sense of belonging within our bug groups

Learning the Little Acorns Prayer


Song – Wind The Bobbin Up

Talking about washing our hands and how to do this effectively



Reading the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ Book


Taking books home from the Little Acorns library


Magna Tiles – building and exploring with shapes



Talking about the garden (growth / photo fence)


Play dough


Free painting



Home role play


11th Sept

Talking about rules and boundaries – Using Lisa’s board)


Using the ‘Getting to know you’ cube’ (Claire)

Learning the names of our quiet area puppets

Ben + Pria and our Persona Dolls Shallu and Carlos


Obstacle Courses

Reading the Gruffalo Book


Rhyme: Open Shut Them




Small world




Home role play


18th Sept

Visual time table



Fire Drill

Letters and sounds – Animal noises


Sing - Let’s All Go To The Zoo Song (Lisa)


Climbing Wall

Book: Brown Bear Brown Bear Book

Small Bear Sorting + Card

ICT Exploration – e.g. pressing buttons and knobs (F/O – Karen)

A Pet Shop/Animal Role Play area


Hedgehog Craft





25th Sept


Talking about developing friendships



Letters and Sounds activity:

Sound Bag

Bikes And Trikes

Song – 12345 Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Book: Sharing a Shell

Emptying and filling containers

Starting to take photos for the Community Board – Taking our cameras home.

Aeroplane Role Play (Lisa)


Still Life Art work (F/O Ann)


2nd Oct

 Talking about sharing is caring

Learning Autumn Songs Dingle Dangle  Scarecrow, Oats and beans, When leaves fall from the trees  (L+S Action Songs)

Climbing Frame (F/O Claire)

Reading and acting out our Harvest Story  

Autumn Leave Maths Activity (Lisa)

Different people families book

/Atlas Books

Harvest Craft – Animal Hats


Role Play – Garage/Tool Role Play (Rajal)


9th Oct

Wed 11th Oct 9.30 at St. Marg. Church

Talking about our families

Learning Autumn Songs Dingle Dangle  Scarecrow, Oats and beans, When leaves fall from the trees

Mark making pictures of us/our family


Clapping syllables in our names (L/S)

Talking about our Harvest Festival

Wednesday 11th October 9.30 at St. Margaret’s Church

Shape garden walk (F/O – Wendy)

Dig up potatoes and have them for snack 


Make bread for the Harvest Festival.

Role Play – Baby Clinic (Emma)


People/Family oriented craft




16th Oct



Staff Training day Mon 30th Oct.

Community Board (Ann)


Understanding – Acting of request

e.g.  Can you pass me the blue brick (F/O - Emma)

Building with - Bricks and blocks

Book: Superworm


Heads shoulders knees and toes song

Puzzles and Shape sorters

Talking about worms

Role Play – Music shop


L+S Recognising Instruments


Music and dance