Snack Menu

We provide a healthy snack for the children each morning and afternoon. We operate a system whereby children can choose when to come and sit down in small groups with an adult. Children are supported to wash their hands prior to snack.

We meet the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) welfare requirement for the provision of healthy, balanced and nutritious food and drink by encouraging children to eat well and learn about food in their early years. This will not only protect their health when they are young, but also sets the foundations for their future health and wellbeing.

We recognise that a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are essential for children’s health and well-being. Research confirms that healthy eating habits in the years before school are very important because they influence growth, development and academic achievement in later life.

Our menus for snacks are planned to meet the 'Eat Better Start Better' food and drink guidelines. We provide milk and water to drink and a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables together with a carbohydrate such as bread/crackers and corn cakes. (We use non dairy butter). Although we no longer serve grapes or carrot batons for snack, after guideance from First Aid Tutors. As these have been identified as being a choking hazard.

We have regard to the Governments SugarSmart initiative.

We have a number of children with nut allergies and seek to provide foods for snack which have no trace of nuts or their derivatives. We also use dairy free spread and provide soya milk for children with an intolerance to dairy procucts. We urge parents of children with allergies to help us by coming in and checking our food labels to ensure they are safe for their children to eat.

Children have access to drinking water throughout the day and are encouraged to help themselves to water.

We encourage the children to participate in the preparation of snack by helping to set the table, buttering their own bread and pouring their drinks. We also promote good manners such as please and thank you.

We ask for a donation of £1.00 per week per child towards the cost of snack. Thank you.